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Anda Jēkabsone
Project manager
Environmental engineer, Bachelor of Engineering
+371 67323212

In Ekodoma Anda began working in March 2017. She holds a bachelor's degree in Environmental and water sciences, while studying in Latvia University of Agriculture, and Master's degree in Entrepreneurship and Management programm of Riga Technical University. In parallel with studies she has worked as Water and sewage system engineer and studied for one semester in Poland, therefore communication with people from different countries and sectors is not a problem to her.

Anda is working in Ekodoma as project manager in the implementation of various activities identified in the programme of EU projects: organizing seminars, identifying and informating the participants, as well as ensuring the publicity of events, project activities and other seminars or trainings. She is specialized in the preparation of emission limit project and A, B and C category polluting activity permit projects.

She lives in Riga, Latvian and is fluent in Latvian and English language.