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Within the EEA Financial Mechanism small grant scheme "Capacity Building in the Field of Research and Measures for Enhancing Society’s Understanding about Climate Change and its Consequences" program was implemented a project "Training on climate and energy management issues for municipalities and different industries" where was developed the framework of training material and conducted trainings for SMEs how to start the implementation of an environmental management business.

During the training the following topics are viewed: identifying environmental aspects, measuring instruments and measurement, data collection and analysis, environmental evaluation, development of goals, targets and programs, risk management, energy efficiency and renewable energy measures, environmental pollution abatement measures, the aspects of engineering, economic and environment, system monitoring. 

We offer to carry out the training of employees in any of the above topics. Course materials can be customized according to your needs and desires!

Audience: The training courses applies for companies wishing to introduce environmental management into their business, as well as any interested person who wishes to acquire knowledge about environmental management.

Benefits: knowledge and practical advice on how to start the implementation of environmental management in your company

Ilgums: 1 day, 1 - 6 hours (depending on the themes to be reviewed)


Līga Žogla
Līga Žogla
Project manager
+371 67323212