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Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a procedure to evaluate the environmental impact of specific activities and to develop proposals to reduce or prevent adverse impacts on environment

Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA) is a procedure that must be carried out for a variety of national, regional and local planning documents, the implementation of which is likely to have a significant effects on the environment or special protected areas. The decision on strategic environmental impact assessment need to be adopted in the Environment State Bureau. The decision wether strategic environmental impact assessment is needed takes the Environment State Bureau.

Actions which need to carry out an environmental impact assessment?

Activities, which are compulsorily applicable to the SEIA procedure are set out in the law "On Environmental Impact Assessment" in Annex 1.

Information on actions to which need to take the initial EIA is on the Law "On Environmental Impact Assessmentin Annex 2.

If the Environmental Impact Assessment is not required for the planned activity, the State Environmental Service shall issue technical regulations for planned activities. Technical regulations are issued in accordance with Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No. 30 "Order of the State Environmental Service shall issue technical regulations for operation."

In what actions you need to carry out a strategic environmental impact assessment?

For such documents as territorial plannings, policies and programs of industry, etc., where its implementation could have a significant impact on the environment, a strategic environmental impact assessment is carried out. In European Union level it is determined by Parliament and Council Directive 2001/42/EC "On certain plans and programs on the environment." These requirements of directive for the strategic environmental impact assessment are set out in the Law "On Environmental Impact Assessment" and regulations of Kabinet of Ministers in march 23rd, 2004 No. 157 "Procedures for Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment".

How the cooperation with EKODOMA is taking a place?

Strategic assessment is carried out for preparation of planning documents, at the time before the documents are submitted for adoption. The process of strategic assessment is similar to the EIA process and set downt to inform society and carry out public discussion, as well as to provide your own suggestions to developers of the planning document. Our certified, knowledgeable and technically educated building energy auditors will provide professional assessment and recommendations that will be most appropriate directly for the given building.


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