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Energy management system is based on international standard ISO 50001, which aims to encourage organizations to establish systems and processes necessary to improve energy efficiency and to promote the efficient use of energy resources, leading to both reduced environmental impact, as well as significantly reduced the company's energy costs.

What are the benefits of the ISO 50001 energy management system?

Along with the implementation of ISO 50001 energy management system, an organization can be confident that the system will provide the maximum reductions of energy consumption and energy cost. In addition, the system is constantly being updated and made improvements of efficiency. With ISO 50001 energy management system, the organization obtains:

  • Awareness of energy consumption and the variables that influences it;
  • Numeric information on energy use and consumption;
  • Clear milestones and continuous monitoring;
  • Documentation of future consumption planning, possibilities of energy-saving and the expected savings;
  • Efficient flow of information company and maintenance of personnel competence;
  • Proof to yourself and existing/potential business partners that organization's activities are based on the principles of sustainable development.

How to implement ISO 50001 in your organization?

The implementation of ISO 50001 requires to comply with certain and continuous cycle of operations. Starting with the need to develop the company's energy management policies and goals to be achieved (eg. work process optimization, improving energy efficiency of equipment, reducing energy consumption, etc.); then the planning of activities that is necessary to achieve the objectives; further a real activity performance and results of quality control are carried out; whereas the company's management and experts evaluate the results and determine the new goals to be achieved to improve the management of energy systm and the cycle began again.


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Marika Rošā
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Līga Žogla
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