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Energy audits of residental buildings are conducted to analyze the potential of buildings energy efficiency improvements in the state. It is also vital to determine energy saving potential in residentials, necessary money for contributions and energy efficiency improvement measures in certain payback period.

Usually the terms of energy audit includes both thermal energy and fuel as well as electricity and water. The detail of energy audit depends on the wishes of the customer, the target of its implementation, and other factors.

Why should you take the energy audit of residental buildings?

  • In latvia there is high potential of energy saving, because in accordance with the Soviet-era building requirements,  residential buildings still are spending power today.
  • An energy audit will provide you with an opportunity to assess measures to be taken in the building, to reduce heat and electricity consumption.
  • It is important to not only understand the need to do, but also know how to properly implement ideas where to raise funds and who is the responsible person. Also, answers to these questions will provide our experienced specialists, who for many years are engaged in energy planning.

If you want to reduce the cost of heating and electricity, to increase indoor comfort and optimize your building, but you are not really sure what to do and how to do and what will they get in benefit, thenthe  energy audit is exactly what you need!

Why to choose Ekodoma Energy Audits?

  • Our experienced and skilled auditors are able to work more rationally and effectively, analyzing the energy flow and the preparation of recommendations for investing so much work as a beginner auditor, however, work carried out by the detail may be similar
  • From he first phase of construction of the building Ekodoma is working together with customers, engineers, architects and economists, considering every step of the process, from both thermodynamic point of view and building physics point of view.
  • Ekodoma employs only the best energy auditors, engineers and building physics specialists.
  • Ekodoma have gained a practical experience in more than 25 years.

We offer:

  • An energy audit of apartment buildings
  • Energy audit of single-family home
  • Energy performance certificates
  • Energy audits benchmarking
  • Energy audit of buildings technical design
  • Building sustainability concept
  • Thermal testing


Gatis Žogla
Lead energy auditor Project manager
+371 67323212
Kristaps Kašs
Kristaps Kašs
Energy auditor Project manager
+371 67323212