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The existing normative regulation in Latvia states that the majority of manufacturing companies and individual service sector companies are required to obtain polluting activity permit. Polluting activity permit is issued by the Regional Environmental Authority of State Environmental Service in accordance with the activities planned for the region. In the permit is listed certain polluting activity limits and reporting order about the impact to environment resulted by company's activities.

Considering the condition, that to gain a permit, it is necessary to prepare a comprehensive and in-depth application about all types of environmental impacts, which the company can cause during its work, often it is advisable for the company to turn to professionals who specialize in the preparation of such an application.

In its previous experience Ekodoma has worked with more than 100 companies to prepare applications for A, B and C polluting activity permits. As well as this cooperation is continuing, when it is necessary to make additions or amendments to existing permits and when it is required to prepare reports for environmental institutions.

To whom such permit shall be applied?

Activities requiring polluting activity permits are described in the Law „On pollution” (in the case of A  category) and MK regulations Nr.1082 (B and C operations, Annex 1 and 2).

In particular laws and regulations are listed out all the activities and processes that are considered as potentially polluting and must be therefore attended by the State Environmental Service.

Why such permit is necessary?

The most important aspect in relation with the environmental permit is that without it one may not start the planned activities. Only after the Regional Environmental Board has been informed and the company from their side has received approval for the planned operation (authorized), company may proceed to practical action.

How does the authorization process happens?

The authorization process can be divided into several phases:

  1. Application preparation;
  2. Submission of application and evaluation by the Regional Environmental Board;
  3. Approval of the application, or a request for clarification of application and re-submition;
  4. Acceptance of an application - permit preparing process in the Regional Environmental Board;
  5. Authorization.

What are the key documents to be provided?

  • Comprehensive application with attachments, which describes the company's activities and provide an information on the planned polluting activity. The annexes should include information that supports everything indicated and described in the application (process descriptions, equipment passports, spatial plan, different copies of a cooperation agreement and many others).
  • Emission limit project of stationary pollution sources (if there is polluting emissions in the air of company). This limit project allows to evaluate the company's impact on the surrounding atmospheric pollution, comparing it with the allowed limit values in country. If the thresholds are not exceeded, the planned activity is to be supported, and this is one of the conditions for the permit to be issued.

What cost to expect?

Each case is individual and before preparing any price offer it is necessary to examine the situation (the complexity of companies production process and the company's own expectations). It is the best to set up a meeting and talk through all the wishes, together with insight into potential collaboration.

Besides our services, you also must deal with the States fee, in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations Nr.666 "Regulations on the state fee for issuing a permit for Category A or B polluting activity, review of permit conditions, as well as paying the state fee arrangements and incentives":

  1. The amount of fees for issuing a permit for Category A polluting activity is 853.72 euros.
  2. The amount of fees for Category A polluting activity permit revision is 569.15 euros.
  3. The amount of fees for issuing a permit for Category B polluting activity is 362.83 euros.
  4. The amount of fees for Category B polluting activities permit revision is 249.00 euros.

State fee is paid before the issuing the authorization for category A or B polluting activities or notification of decision on the permit conditions for the review of Category A or B polluting activity.

Plašāka informācija par valsts nodevu kontiem pieejama VVD website under "Services"

What is the difference between A, B and C categories?

Under these letters is included the estimated significance od environmental impact, where A category polluting activity is large-scale operations, which are characterized by significant polluting activity and higher requirements for environmental aspects, while Category B is relatively smaller in size and have slightly lower requirements with a respect to environmental pollution. C category polluting activity is a small power companies, for whome receiving of permit (obtaining the affirmation) is relatively simplified, as the expected impact on the environment is small or insignificant.

The permit is necessary to new or existing operation (updates, amendments)?

Significantly there is distinguished two situations in relation to the polluting activity permits. One case is when it is a start of a new operation, and the other case is where an existing operation requires updating and/or the introduction of amendments in permit.

1. For new operation

When planning new activities in relation with environmental aspects, it is necessary to evaluate:

  • Does the place of planned activities matches for the permitted use?
  • Does an environmental impact assessment must be carried out for the planned operation?
  • Does the initial environmental impact assessment must be carried out for the planned operation ?
  • Is it necessary to prepare the application for the planned activities in order to receive the technical rules?

Only after you have answered to these questions and appropriate procedure has been carried out, it is possible to prepare an application for racevement of A, B or C category polluting activity permit.

2. For existing operation (with valid polluting activity permit)

For existing operation environmental permit aspects becomes important when it is necessary to be updated or make amendments, providing a new operating capacity, new production facilities and other aspects. In such cases it is necessary to evaluate the significance of the changes and to prepare a new application case of substantial changes or to submit an application for amendments, stating only the information that is directly linked to the nature of the change (relatively simpler and faster process).

What happens when the authorization has been received?

We are often facing with a situation in which the company obtaining permission, launches successful operation, but forgets that polluting permission puts on a responsibility for regular monitoring of the actions taken and regularly submit reports and review to the environmental administration.

Therefore we always recommend to the company's official responsible person to get acquainted with the content of the permit and immediately consult with us on further action in order to avoid misunderstandings in the future communication with environmental inspectors and the State Environmental Service.

In addition, we also offer a carry out the monitoring and enforcement of conditions mentioned in permit, so that the company can maintain its core business and less worry about the procedures and deadlines related to reporting and preparation of reports to environmental institutions.


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