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D.Blumberga, P.Krieviņš, I.Veidenbergs
Lighting standard structure is relatively complex and sometimes required information must be sought in various standards. This brochure provides information on each standard, of what can be found in them. The authors of Brochure took the role of a guide to introduce the use of standards with the...
D. Blumberga, A.Blumberga, M. Blumberga, P. Cikmačs, I.Veidenbergs.
Lighting issue popularity is intertwined through the centuries. It has evolved from a technological point of view. It is especially topical in the recent times because of the lighting energy efficiency projects who are considered as events of global climate change reduction.
A.Blumberga, D.Blumberga, Z. Upmane
The book deals with the problems associated with the introduction of energy efficient lighting. It analyzes efficient lighting programs (ELP) pilot implementation in three Latvian municipalities (in Broceni, Dobele and Ludza). Paper seeks to launch a debate on the role of municipalities in...
G.Bažbauers, A.Blumberga, D.Blumberga, U.Sarma, I.Veidenbergs
This book is intended as the first step in explaining the co-generation ideas. It outlines some of the theoretical, technological, legal, economic, financial and environmental and climate change reduction aspects. The book will help both those who are planning a source of energy and cogeneration...