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A. Blumberga, D. Blumberga, G. Žogla.
Book is about energy efficiency in buildings, with a specific focus on social housing. The book deal with policy aspects promoting energy efficiency in buildings, it then describes energy audit procedure, engineering solutions and technical measures for reducing energy consumption. The book...
D. Blumberga
This book focuses on heat supply using heat pumps. It provides a deep technological background and then proposes an economic analysis and an environmental assessment. The book includes general information about alternative heat supply technologies for supporting the proposed comparative analysis.
Dagnija Blumberga , Ivars Veidenbergs, Gatis Žogla
Izgudrojums attiecas uz siltuma sūkņa un saules enerģijas izmantošanu apkurei un karstā ūdens sagatavošanai. Siltumapgādes sistēma sastāv no grunts slānī ieguldītiem mitruma uzkrājējiem, kuri izgatavoti no ūdens necaurlaidīga materiāla un izveidoti kārbveida ekrāna formā ar ūdens pārplūdes atverēm...
Claudio Rochas , Marika Rošā , Aivars Žandeckis
D. Blumberga, M. Blumberga, I. Karnupa, C. Rochas
All the informative material in this book is a guide to starting or continuing to implement the energy system development ideas. It is issued to encourage people from energetics and those that operate or wish to operate in this sector, look into the future with today's eyes. It is an invitation to...
D. Blumberga, M. Blumberga
This book looks into energy efficiency in general and gives the necessary background for understanding energy efficiency services. It shows step by step the application of energy efficient technology in different sectors including economic analysis and environmental assessment.
A. Blumberga D. Blumberga
This book deals with the most innovative and one of the most effective ways of implementing energy efficiency projects – i.e. by energy efficiency services. The book describes the provision of energy efficiency services under different aspects: technical, legal and regulatory. All is supported and...
A. Blumberga, D. Blumberga
This book is a material for apartment owners and managers to broaden their knowledge of energy efficiency issues. Book addresses the complex steps that will provide greater reduction in thermal energy consumption of the building. To be able to understand them, the book describes energy system of...