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SELINA characterized the European market in terms of standby and off consumption in new electrical and electronic household and office equipment, being sold in shops, by developing an appliance specific measuring methodology. A large scale monitoring of new equipment has allowed characterizing low power modes “lopomos”, of the equipment being sold in a large sample of European Countries.

This allowed creating an equipment database with the market trends, which is a major tool for policy makers to define future policies and regulations. The purpose of these standby measurements on a common set of products was to allow national and international comparison of these like products across different countries and regions. Such measurement heightened the awareness of stakeholders of the magnitude of standby power and will provide a focal point to highlight differences across regions.

The main objective of this project was to identify effective market transformation policies initiatives targeted at all the key stakeholders involved in the manufacture, distribution, sales and operation of appliances with standby and off-mode losses.

10/01/2008 to 09/01/2010

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