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PremiumLight was an initiative that brought together a consortium of 12 pan-European organizations with expertise on energy efficient lighting, led by the Austrian Energy Agency.  As a project team they were calling for transformation of the lighting market and increased business and consumer engagement to reduce energy usage, emissions and electricity bills. The project aim was to do that by:

  • Increasing the take up of highly efficient LED light bulbs
  • Carrying out laboratory testing of light bulbs to showcase the best performing products
  • Providing assurance on product quality
  • Eradicating consumer confusion on lighting products though best-practice advice from our website and project materials
  • Empowering and training retailers to advise consumers, disseminate marketing materials, promote great products and increase knowledge and sales of efficient products.
  • Engaging and advising the service sector, local authorities, businesses and housing associations to be a strong driver of the shift towards better products that use less energy
05/01/2012 to 10/01/2014

Staff involved

Līga Žogla
Līga Žogla
Project manager
+371 67323212
Agris Kamenders
Agris Kamenders
+371 67323212

Project partners