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Ekodoma was working with 5 shopping centres in Riga: "Origo", "galeria Centrs", "Mols", "Dole" and "Alfa"

Sometimes it may be very difficult to convince senior management that employee training is a useful process. In turn, with this project we proved that the training really matters - 3 months after the training performance of the building energy consumption decreased by 22%. However, 12 months after the training, energy consumption was reduced by 16% in terms of money - 10 000 EUR were saved. Endless evolution studies proves that every 9 months should take a new training to be maintained to achieve energy savings. Such training plus is the fact that employees can also take this knowledge home, where to cut your energy bill.

By completing Night Walks shopping centers benefits a lot:

  • They ar now more aware of how energy is used within their organisation.
  • Gained financial savings from reducing unnecessary energy use.
  • Reduced their organisation’s environmental impact through lower carbon emissions.

Our energy experts met with the site manager during the evening to conduct the energy survey.  This involved assessing the usual elements that lead to unnecessary energy use.  These are:

  • Lighting – management and technical opportunities for improvements
  • Heating – hours of use and levels of heat provided
  • Ventilation – hours of use, and how this works with heating systems
  • Electrical equipment – opportunity for time control, use of refrigeration and so on
  • User behaviour

A brief report of findings was produced and presented to the management team, along with a suggested action plan, comprising no cost, low cost and capital cost measures along with suggested savings that can be achieved.  Upon agreement of the action plan , support will be provided to assist with its implementation. Additionally, short training courses will be made available for employees to help show them areas where improvement can be made.  Much of this support can then be applied at home in order to further broaden the potential benefit of the support.

04/01/2013 to 09/01/2015

Staff involved

Gatis Žogla
Lead energy auditor Project manager
+371 67323212

Project partners