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This project was working on the modernization and installation of modern, energy efficient street lightings in the three municipalities of Ocnita, Soroca and Cantemir.

The 3 grants financed under the SuDEP programme will focus on renewables and energy efficiency for public buildings, comprehensive demonstrational project for sustainable energy development, as well as modernisation and saving energy in street lighting. These projects are all focusing on replicability of the actions engaged.

The development of energy efficiency and renewable energy is one of the key aspects for a steady and sustainable economic development of the country, and municipalities have a key role to play in this process. The European Union continues to provide substantial support to the Republic of Moldova in this field.

Project is carried out by AEER and the European Union represented by the European Delegation to the Republic of Moldova.

Staff involved

Project partners

  • Alliance for Energy Efficiency and Renewables
    Project coordinator

    Alliance for Energy Efficiency and Renewables

  • Ekodoma