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ExBESS supports SMEs from the food & drink industry, textile industry, breweries and industrial laundries improving their energy efficiency. Implementing an energy management system is the best way for a company to integrate energy matters in day to day management and to find and use energy saving potentials. When energy costs are increasing energy management becomes interesting for companies. Often SMEs do not have the human resources and knowledge to implement energy management.

ExBESS offers easy tools updated from BESS, such as an energy management implementation model and an e-learning system on the website. The international benchmarking scheme for specific energy consumption is extended to new sectors and offers the possibility to compare specific energy consumption with a large number of other companies from the same sector. The benchmarking scheme is based on the successful benchmarking scheme of BESS, which concluded in 2007. Thus, ExBESS is extending the BESS concept and tools to 8 more countries. ExBESS is the opportunity for SMEs in Europe to improve their energy efficiency and reduce energy costs and to participate in an international benchmarking scheme.

09/01/2007 to 05/01/2009

Staff involved

Līga Žogla
Līga Žogla
Project manager
+371 67323212

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