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The results of the EUBIONET III project contribute to a sustainable, transparent international biomass fuel trade, secure the most cost efficient and value-adding use of biomass for energy and industry, boost the investments on best practice technologies and new services on biomass heat sector and enhance sustainable and fair international trade of biomass fuels.

The EUBIONET III project aimed to increase the use of biomass based fuel in the EU by finding ways to overcome market barriers.

  • National biomass programmes and biomass fuel potentials were analysed especially for different industrial residues and agrobiomass.
  • International trade of biomass fuel was promoted, price mechanisms were analysed and new CN codes for biomass fuels were being proposed.
  • Certification and sustainability criteria for biomass fuels were set in co-operation with market actors.
  • Implementing of new CEN standards for solid biofuels was enhanced.
  • Bioenergy use was promoted by raising awareness on biomass heating aiming at fuel switch to biomass.
  • The appropriate use of biomass resources was assessed by analysing raw material availability within and between bioenergy, forest industry and agricultural sectors.

EUBIONET III project was coordinated by VTT during 2008 – 2011. These webpages are open until the end of year 2013.

09/01/2008 to 10/01/2011

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