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Within the project framework two rounds of energy saving or “EnergoTeam” competitions were held. Project was implemented with target to reduce energy consumption in the housing, but doing it so that it does not reduce the level of participants comfort. With increasing discussions about reduction of CO2 emissions and energy prices, many people are looking for ways to reduce the cost of energy, but often they don't know how to achieve it. Competition of “EnergoTeam” provided participants information with information and created the motivation to take the first steps in a different way of life. In a result it helped them to find the link between the changes in daily habits and its effect on climate change.

Overall, from Latvia attended 24 EnergoTeams and 131 households. At the first round of competition - 9% reduction in energy consumption was achieved, while in the second round - 21%, which allowed Latvia to rank in the honorable 4th place among the other 16 EU Member States. In addition EnergoTeam of Dobele „Ādamiela 2” was ranked in 2nd place at EU level.

Staff involved

Līga Žogla
Līga Žogla
Project manager
+371 67323212

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