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The European Investment Bank was developing a lending operation with the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science that aims at financing a long-term investment programme in the field of modernisation, energy efficiency refurbishment and expansion at selected universities in Ukraine.

Investments includes the modernisation of research laboratories, acquisition and installation of research equipment, and the refurbishment of university facilities, with particular focus on energy efficiency measures.

Ekodoma prepared energy audits for 82 building located in Kiev, Lviv and Kharkiva and which are related with National Pedagogical Dragomanov University. Th list included educational building houses, office rooms, classrooms, laboratories, libraries and dormitories.

All prepared reports included the following:

- an historical analysis of utility consumption (electricity, district heating and domestic hot water),

- an assessment of the current condition of the building,

- specific efficiency improvement recommendations for each of the primary building systems (HVAC equipment and distribution, lighting and domestic water heating);

- and an economic analysis of each recommendation, which includes the Simple Payback Time (SPBT) using contractor‐provided pricing for full installation. 

The project was a cooperation of Europe Investment Bank, promoter Ministry of Higher Education and concultant EKODOMA Ltd. It obliges the Promoter to support the consultant through the assignment, share the relevant documentation with him, guide him through buildings and ensure a working space for the consultant onsite.

Staff involved

Kristaps Kašs
Kristaps Kašs
Energy auditor Project manager
+371 67323212
Agris Kamenders
Agris Kamenders
+371 67323212

Project partners