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BiG>East promotes the production and use of biogas as a secure and sustainable energy source in several target countries of Southern and Eastern Europe.

This is achieved by knowledge transfer from biogas experts of Western Europe to farmers, biogas plant operators and decision makers in Southern and Eastern Europe. Thereby, BiG>East will increase both, the number and the quality of installed biogas plants in the target countries of Southern and Eastern Europe:

Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Latvia, Romania, Slovenia.

In these countries, biogas is one of the main renewable sources suitable for electricity production and for heating and cooling purposes.

Biogas can be produced in order to reduce agricultural waste, sewage sludge, and municipal organic waste which is a serious problem in many regions of Eastern Europe. In spite of these strong environmental and economic benefits, the production and use of biogas is not yet a common application due to several market barriers: lack of knowledge and experience of farmers, biogas plant operators and engineering companies, lack of awareness of decision makers, and insufficient access to funding sources. The objective of BiG>East is to reduce these market barriers.

Supporting countries of BiG>East in Western Europe with an increased number of installed biogas plants and large experience in planning, constructing and maintaining biogas plants are:

09/01/2007 to 02/01/2010

Staff involved

Agris Kamenders
Agris Kamenders
+371 67323212
Līga Žogla
Līga Žogla
Project manager
+371 67323212

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